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Can Mail Order Brides Sites Find Good Wives?

We’ll not bury the lead here — yes, they can IF you choose a reliable service and stick to it until you find that one-and-only among thousands of gorgeous mail order brides. The trick, however, is finding that reliable service you can trust. Here, you need to focus on many aspects, not just the website’s reputation and professionalism. After all, different mail order brides websites target different audiences. Even though all of these platforms focus on bringing together couples from different countries and tying them in holy matrimonies, the interactive features they offer may be quite different from one site to another. We will tell you how mail order brides sites work and which aspects you should consider before joining to make sure your user experience is truly enjoyable. But, let’s first focus on who mail order brides are and what they are hoping to find online.

Mail order brides: who they are & why they’re here

Even today, when mail order brides sites are such a common phenomenon, some men mistake these astonishing ladies for destitute opportunists who would marry the first foreigner stupid enough to fall for them. The reality could not have been farther from this myth. Mail order brides are perfectly normal ladies who use online dating to find a man they’d love and cherish.

You should know by now that it’s not always easy to find a good match in your immediate environment. In your case, it usually means that all suitable ladies are either married already or do not match your search criteria. And, you should know all too well that plenty of Western women would rather make money than run households.

In the case of mail order brides, their reasons for joining will be different. Some of the ladies simply do not have the time to combine professional and dating life. Some others are disappointed by the fact that local men take them for granted. Few of them simply outnumber men in their hometowns, so it’s statistically challenging for them to find a good match. Only a small percentage of the ladies is looking for better financial conditions, and very few of them plan to relocate simply because of their opportunistic personalities or rebellious spirits.

Of course, most popular reasons we described above will depend on the particular region — and, as you may already know, mail order brides sites are available practically in every corner of the globe. Apart from the possible reasons we listed above, there may be dozens of other, purely personal explanations for joining such sites. The takeaway is that these ladies are no gold-diggers, and the simple fact that some of them come from worse economic environments does not automatically mean they’re after your money. Most of the time, mail order brides look for love and affection and hope to build a happy and lasting family with a suitable man.

Mail order brides service: how it works

The logic behind most mail order brides services is very clear, and most functional features will remind you of any other dating site you’ve ever used. However, we must point out a critical difference right from the start: marriage sites focus on security and are way safer to use than most other apps — especially, free and unmonitored ones. The thing is, when we are desperate for love, we give some ill-intended people a chance to trick us. And one of the main things a reputable dating site focuses on is making sure all of its users are safe from fraud.

How do they do that, exactly? First of all, the process of joining a professional marriage site is highly selective. Users have to verify their IDs and prove that they are indeed single or divorced. This guideline is especially important for ladies from developing countries — to make sure all Western gentlemen are protected from fraud, plenty of agencies will personally interview the brides onsite, in one of the company’s local divisions.

They will check their IDs and help set up a profile — if the brides’ English skills are lower than average. This, however, is less and less common — besides, ladies who look for a husband abroad usually start learning the language as well — even if they did not have a chance to master it before. In the meantime, an eligible lady who suits the site’s legal criteria may be supplied with a translator — if the website does not have automatic translations features (which most of them do).

Also, prospective brides are usually supplied with a professional photo shoot — which explains why all profiles on professional brides sites look so presentable. So, if you had any concerns about polished up, astonishingly beautiful pictures — relax, it’s the general practice with such sites.

Grooms, on the other hand, can register all on their own and submit a copy of their ID later. The signup process is free of charge, and most websites will also offer you a chance to search for unstable ladies and have a preview of their profiles. If however, you decide to send one of them a line, you’ll be expected to buy a premium membership — absolutely all communication options are reserved for paying members.

After that, the logic is pretty much the same as on any other dating app — you start chatting with ladies you like most. If at some point you decide to visit a particular lady (or even several of them), you can ask site management to arrange your trip. This option is especially handy if you visit several potential matches and do not want to disclose such intentions to the ladies. Obviously, in such a case, asking one of them to arrange the trip is out the question. A note: there is absolutely nothing wrong with visiting several ladies. Usually, there are no obligations at this point — think of it a date. More than often, checking out a few brides in person helps the man decide which of them is truly the best fit.

Once you find that best fit, you can also count on the agency’s help with marriage visas and other paperwork you’ll need. Sure, it will cost you extra, but sometimes it’s easier to pay professionals’ fees and enjoy time with your lovely bride. In any case, you’ll cross that bridge when you get there — just remember that marriage experts can take you the whole way, from signing up the service to getting your bride a visa.

How to choose a site that suits you?

Despite some similarities in their logic and functionality, mail order brides sites are numerous and cater to different audiences and demographics. To boost your chances of success and to make sure your user experience is overall enjoyable, you’ll need to choose a site that suits you best. Here are some factors you should take into account if you want to make the right call.

Start with (more or less) precise location

This is the first thing you’ll need to consider, but this choice should not be too difficult. Simply think of women who attract you the most — hot Latino ladies, mysterious Asian women, fair Slavic brides, etc. If you can, you can also choose a particular country from this region — but, if you have little cultural insight to make this decision, no worries. Start with a broader region and shift to a particular country later — if you have to.

Keep your niche in mind

Don’t forget that brides agencies are also very different in terms of ages and demographics. Some of them are populated by young girls in their late teens and early twenties. Others provide extensive databases of more mature women. Still, most ladies looking for a husband abroad are 25-35 years old, and sites that feature these demographics are not hard to find. If however, you are looking for a woman outside this dominant age group, you might have to spend some time searching for a suitable website.

Consider payment plans and options

One more thing to decide is how (and how much) you plan to pay. Even though most dating platforms offer several payment options, the actual billing logic may differ from one site to another. Most services these days operate on a mixed, subscription-feature basis. It means that you pay for some communication means fixed price (for example, letters and live chats) and order any extra services for extra cash (or virtual coins you buy in bulk). Additional services may include a chance to turn on an anonymous browsing mode, send your lady a gift, etc.

However, it’s still possible to find services that would either charge a fixed subscription or sites that always charge clients for every service they use. We, however, recommend in favor of a mixed approach, as it offers customers more flexibility and control of their finances.

Think of the features you need

Another tip would be to think of the services you may need, and the communication means you plan to use the most. This will also help you define the best subscription type for you. Besides, if you do not like online chats, it would make no point to go for sites with cheap chats but expensive letters. If too much interactivity confuses you, choose platforms with basic navigation logic and avoid websites with flashy graphics and plenty of confusing interactive games. This may also help you save some money; complex sites usually charge extra for using their platforms.

Verify all legal credentials

That is the last step you’ll need to make once you have one or several sites you like. Make sure all legal details are in place — any company should have an address, a phone number, etc. The address does not have to be located in your bride’s country, but it has to exist. Besides, any reputable service should have a dedicated support team, and this team has to be easily reachable — so, you can give it a try, too. At this point, you may also sign up the site and look around to see if you like any of the ladies. As already mentioned, registration and profile preview should be free of charge.

Finding the woman of your dreams online

Once you have chosen a platform, you will start interacting with the ladies you like to see if one of these women could be a great match. To save yourself some effort, make a note of the following suggestions:

Do some cultural background research

The first thing you want to do to avoid any cultural misunderstanding and make sure your communication with the ladies goes smoothly is cultural research. Different nations have different communication traditions, and sometimes things that come naturally to you may seem off-putting to foreign ladies. Of course, you do not have to read dozens of social researches, but you should at least find some general overview of what’s acceptable and what’s not.

Toy with the search filters

You probably have some idea of a perfect wife. Most of the time, marriage sites allow setting a variety of search parameters, indicating anything from hair color to personal habits. Try to be specific in this search to filter out any unsuitable matches. However, if you do not like the profiles you see as the result of your search, you may also adjust your search filters a bit. We’re not saying you shouldn’t be picky; we just suggest you should be realistic.

Stay patient and polite

No matter what you do, stay patient, and treat all ladies politely. It’s common to spend from six to eighteen months on a dating site because online relationships are a bit tougher to build, and they require more time to progress. Apart from being patient in your search, show some patience to the ladies you’re communicating with. Different people need different time to open up; besides, don’t discard the cultural gap — some cultures are simply more reserved than the others.

Keep your head clear

Do not think that the first lady you meet will be your ideal match. While we do wish you all the luck in this world, the chances of that are quite low. Once again, most people spend a year looking for a good match, so keep your eyes open. Also, keep any personal and financial info private — no matter how much the site invests in security, no one is ever 100% safe from an online scam.

Plan a personal visit in advance

Finally, don’t delay personal meeting if you happen to find a woman you care about. Of course, it’s not always possible to combine work and travel, but if you came looking for a bride, you are expected to visit her sometime. Also, you may want to visit more than one match — after all, until you two meet in person, it may be hard to tell which of these fascinating ladies is the one.

With this in mind, your mail order brides experience should run smoothly, and we wish you the best of luck in finding the match of your dreams!

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