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How to find Asian brides: learn much info thanks to insider information

Marrying an Asian is one of the things for many Americans, which they do for making better well-being of their household. According to existing statistics, Asian Americans are more successful in business than people in the country in general, they are more well-educated (50% of all 25-years-olds have a bachelor’s degree or higher compared to 30% national-wide). Also, 5-year-old children of Asian origin in America have on average the same fluency in English as their peers in the rest of America, taking into account that they also know their native language or sometimes, two of them (if parents speak different Asian languages), which makes them more profound in education that the rest of nation. Also, on average, 1 household of Asian Americans earns yearly $20,000 more than national-wide numbers tell for the rest.

Combining all these factors, it becomes immediately clear that obtaining one of the Asian women is a profitable decision. And below we are going to talk in greater details about traits of Asian mail order brides and their high attractiveness for foreign men, especially men from the West (this notion typically includes developed countries and blocks like the UK, the US, the EU, Australia, and New Zealand).

For the sake of truthfulness, it must be said that not all Asians are the same. That’s logical even because people of the same race are not the same. The most successful nations in Asia that live in America are Japanese, Filipinos, Malaysian, and Indians. They are 30%-50% above the average for all Asians. While the less successful are Hmong, Laotians, Bhutanese, Cambodians, Burmese, and Nepalese – those coming from historically poor countries with a low index of people’s and economic development. Indians are most successful in most manifestations of life because many of them are IT specialists and programmers, which are currently highly appreciated on the market and have one of the highest employment rates.

Also, it largely depends whether you are seeking an Asian mail order bride who already lives in the US and whose family has been here for more than 1 generation or whether you are looking for someone from abroad. In the first case, she is much more ‘Americanized’ than the people from the second case in everything: language, outlook at life, education, employment, values, personality, and character. Taking someone from another country, you may face a number of obstacles, which you will naturally have to overcome:

However, let’s consider below what are the advantageous sides of Asian brides that you are going to find in most ladies.

Why Asian women are preferential for men outside Asia?

There are so many things why Western men prefer Asian brides:

  1. The richness in history. Any Asian country is so rich in history, traditions, and religions. They have been forming through thousands of years – much more than any modern country can boast with. Even the ‘Old World’ (the UK) is a snotty adolescent with its 1,000+ history of civilization compared to 3,500+ years of civilization of the East. Even if your wife isn’t too deep into all these issues, she was still growing under their influence and in an authentic environment, so she will be able to tell you a lot of exciting and interesting things about her religion, traditions, rich history, and so on.
  2. Your wife’s gastronomic outlooks will differ from yours. Surely, she will be more prone to eating burgers and pizza with time. But her national cuisine may cause perplexity in you and your relatives if she cooks it in a house. When you go to the restaurant with her national cuisine, you may not be thrilled about many dishes of it. Especially if it is not Japanese, Chinese or Vietnamese cuisines, which you have probably already tried and liked. For instance, what do you know about Hmong, Laotian, Bhutan, Cambodian, Burmese, and Nepalese cuisines? What about other countries and regional differences inside of a country? Did you know that in many Asian countries, insects are considered a healthy supplement to food on a regular basis? Not only adult species get into food but also their larva and caterpillars. So how about a fried grasshopper or stewed water bug? That’s a topic that you will have to cover and deal with your spouse – but, certainly, some dishes will be to your liking and they can become an excellent family tradition over time.
  3. Your Asian woman will more likely to join you to live in West of the US – as 46% of all Asian population of the US lives there (with 21% in South, 11% at Midwest, and 20% in Northeast). But, surely, speaking about the most populated cities and states with Asian people, we have to consider that these are sunny ones, close to the sea and advancements of civilization (California and Hawaii). 
  4. Asian singles have petite forms and all are slim. You will unlikely meet a fat Asian because the slimness is in their blood and minds. Also, half of them do not have a natural enzyme in the body, which decomposes alcohol, so your Asian girl may be taken far away with only one glass of wine or beer. Thus, not only you will save on food but also on beverages. 
  5. Your children are going to be cuties thanks to mixed genes and they will likely have petite bodies as well, which is why they will be able to perform as models.
  6. Beauty. This is especially seen in South Koreans. These people are insane about white marble color of skin, which should be perfect at 100%. They naturally almost always have doll-like faces, almond-shaped, neat, with small noses and larger-than-average-for-Asians eyes. Their hair can be of any natural color but most often, it is light brown and less often, it is black. For black hair, address to Japanese females (along with Bhutanese and Lao). No matter to what Asian nation your wife belongs, she will likely have a small nose, small body, and high neatness that she will support from young to old days. The beauty of any local Asian lady is especially underlined by her national costumes. She can bring them along to your house if you ask her to. Even ones for office are so interesting and unusual for a regular woman of West, who sticks to trousers, blouses, and jackets. 
  7. Since 2000, by the year of arrival to the US, the Hispanic-speaking population dropped from 60% to 30% today, while the Asian population increased from 20% to 40% (in the number of all immigrants coming to the country divided by nations).
  8. When you start dating an Asian woman online or offline, you will appreciate her attitude towards men. She puts a man in the first place – as in the start of relations, as in the further family life. Despite the fact that she may be a bearer of the huge inner world and lots of thoughts, which may in amount overcome yours, she is not prone to arguing, when it comes to mutual life and taking actions and decisions. 
  9. Probably, she looks exotic to you. But most Asian brides are driven to the red color of the face when someone calls them exotic or sounds any other name like this. This might have been okay 40-50-60 years ago, but not today. Try to come up with some other definition of her unusual appearance, which will cause her pleased giggling, not shying and numbing. Also, do not tell her that you date her only because of her looks. You wouldn’t like it too if someone told you that you were picked to date because of your exotic looks only (and nothing else), right? This might be a nice reason for a one-night crash, but not for anything bigger. And definitely, this cannot be the basis for a life together. What about her character, outlook, strivings? These are what make a person important to you.  

Information and facts about Asian brides

  1. Asians do not date as we do. They are raised in a country, where showing all range of emotions, positive and negative, is not adopted. Even if Asian wives are super thrilled about you and totally crushed into you, it may not appear outside at all. As the entire Asian culture is more subtle and based on mutual respect, it is hard for a foreigner to understand what single Asian women really feel. However, if she seeks a meeting with you, wants to see and hear you, this is a firm sign that she is at least affected by you.
  2. You have to understand that, depending on how religious they are, Asian girls for marriage may wear hijab, kurta, pagris and some other national clothes, which cover some portion of her body. If you do mind against it – just say it straight to her to deal with an issue as you meet Asian girl online or resort to another on a dating site.
  3. The biggest share of Russia also attributes to Asia, so in a sense, Russian wives are also Asian brides. But we are not going to consider classical Russians in the meaning of ‘Asian’ in this article, don’t worry, we aren’t going to confuse you with the geography. 
  4. Despite the fact that Asia (as the continent) has the biggest share of dollar billionaires in the world and it is the biggest share of the land on the planet, a share of people living in poverty is also the highest. So, your Asian wife may come, in theory, from a family of any wealth – from poorest to richest. In India, for instance, the middle class is also greatly developed. 
  5. If you are from one of the Western countries, you inhabit the share of the world, which is less populated, as 60% of all people live in Asia. Do you imagine now how big it is? So, if your wife is from Sinai of Egypt, India, China, Thailand or Polynesia – these all are included in the Asian world!
  6. She may originate from one of 49 (!) countries of Asia. So, make sure to read about each country in Wikipedia (or, at least, to familiarize yourself with their names) before starting your search. You have probably not heard about some of those countries before and if you’re interested in what kind of real Asian brides are there, you may google for pictures of local women. Who knows, maybe you will be thrilled by the appearance of beauties from Singapore, Kyrgyzstan, Timor-Leste, Cyprus, Yemen, or Jordan.

Asian traditions

  1. Lactose intolerance is in the bodies of most dwellers of Asia. This means that they are not prone to eat milk and dairy products, as they do not digest lactose from there. So don’t be wondering when you discover that your wife does not buy anything containing milk or dairy (which also includes cheese). 
  2. When she adapts to the cuisine that you eat every day, it is a high probability that it will be added with rice. A lot of rice (as Asia consumes 90% of all world’s rice). It is a nice interchange for potatoes and oatmeal, you know. It is not unusual for her to eat rice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, repeating it, all the same, every day.
  3. She may have an unusual name for your hearing and tongue. Make sure to ask her how do you pronounce it right at the first encounter, so as not to confuse.
  4. Do not try to impress her that you have currently eaten some dish from her cuisine. This will not make you closer but will only cause irritation in her. Imagine as she tells you she drank Starbucks coffee recently. So what?
  5. If she is from India, there is no such language as ‘Indian’. Four main languages are spoken on the Indian territory – Bengali, Urdu, Hindi, and Tamil (India has 1,500+ languages and dialects in general). It depends on the nationality of your Asian bride. But the fact that she speaks English with you is one fat plus to the list of her advantages. Increasingly more Asians speak English because of the rising role of Asia in the world’s economy.
  6. Do not confuse her with Muslims – far not every Asian is Arab.
  7. Arranged marriages still exist in such countries as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh. Hell, they do exist in the ‘Old World’ and in other countries. And the only fact that they are made because of religious or cultural habits does not differentiate them from the economical and political arranged marriages of the West. However, it is outdated to believe that all marriages are so – their number becomes increasingly lesser in the amount of all marriages. No matter what people say but the 21st century is the most freedom-embracing century of all that humanity has had. This is also why a girl seeks for a man on a dating site.

Why is Asian wife an advantageous choice online?

Let’s get to the point of online meetings now. There are many dating sites out there (and we cover top-5 below, at the end of the text), where you can meet Asian bride. 

Online communication to girls and the entire process of selection of a girl to start relations with is largely simplified by online interaction. Today, it is enough to register on a dating site and start your searches to receive pop-ups of offers, browse through thousands of profiles of those, whom you like, and generally, have hundreds of potential contacts every day. This is much better than you would have with offline getting-together, as this would make it possible for you to have 1-2 contacts every day (if you’re lucky) or per week (which is more realistic). So if you plan to estimate and go through at least dozens of potential matches, an offline method is too long and resource-consuming. 

Interesting facts about Asia and Asians

In addition to what has been already said, these facts you may find amusing:

  1. Asia is the region with many smart people, including some of them with the highest IQ in the world. This is the reason why Japan, South Korea, and Singapore are so economically advanced today – smart people live there.
  2. Your Asian bride, if she is a fashionista, wants to stay away from the sun, as the lighter skin is better according to current beauty standards in Asians. So don’t expect her to share your beach leisure with you unless she adapts to the new way of life you impose her.

Do all Asian women strive to happiness abroad?

No, obviously. Only those who want to improve their financial and social position do that. Also, a share of those who strive to try their own powers in another country and sees marriage as the best trampoline for a nice solid start will do so. Entertainment-seekers. Travelers. Open-minded people. Those who consider that their place is in another place, not where they were born.

What is so special about Asian beauty?

  1. If you like small-bodied women with petite lines of the face and body – Asians are your choice. 
  2. They are naturally polite and neat. 
  3. They have the cult of beauty (especially those of millennials’ population who originate from Japan and South Korea), which means that every minute of every day, they strive to look beautiful. This will also be attributed to their children.
  4. They are refined in moves and shapes.
  5. Pretty Asian girls have much energy in the body and are fun in character.

What about sexual life with an Asian mail order woman?

In this area, another approach in beautiful Asian girls is adopted. They are less debauched and flamboyant when it comes to bed games. It is considered that shaving the natural hair everywhere between legs is only an appanage of prostitutes or sex actors who work for the Western market. So do not expect her having neatly shaved everything there. (It is despite so many videos and pictures that you might have seen with sexy Asians, with neatly shaved pubis and labia). But this is not so just for every country of Asia – as far you remember, there are 49 of them, populated with at least 2.5 billion women. There are definitely lovers out there, of what you find arousing. You can search online based on this parameter, too.

Aside from it, you will have freedom in sexual contacts and trying new poses and stuff. Especially if your spouse is from India (this country invented Kama Sutra). 

Asian wives’ differences between women of the West

What are the best places to find a lovely Asian mail order bride?

Now let’s talk about Asian dating websites, which are found best to get a lovely bride. 

Consider Asian dating online


 Above, we submit to your attention 5 best dating sites to find an Asian bride (or to hook up a girl, who wants to have fun the same as you do). They are awesome for those reasons:

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